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Day-trading and scalping

30min timeframe only (Forex 1D only)

Crypto, stocks, forex, funds, futures and indices

Trend, reversal and take profit signals

Signals every 1 - 2 days

new pro scalper


profitalgo indicator

Medium-term swing trading

1D, 3H, 15min, 3min timeframe only

Crypto & Forex

Trend signals + exclusive features

Signals every 4 -15 days

Discover our Exclusive Features

Buy & Sell Signals

profit pro buy and sell signals

Visually illustrated by 'BUY' and 'SELL' labels, these signals provide indications to traders about optimal times to enter or exit positions in the market based on the particular asset they are trading.


Traders may want to enter long positions when buy signals appear, and enter short positions when 'SELL' signals appear.

Our Free Indicators!

Price Exhaustion Indicator

price exhaustion

Kalman-Filtered Stochastic + ROC

kalman stoch

Smoothed Gaussian Moving Average

alma  ma

Fourier-Smoothed Money Flow Index

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